What’s the future of DSLR’s

I was reading a Yahoo News clip about the college freshman born in 1994. The authors of the “Beloit College Mindset List” have 75 mindsets for this group that grabbed my attention. The class of 2016 will be challenging manufactures to produce products having more technology and features, but particularly electronics.

With this generation the future of electronic devices, should have no limits and some old technologies will vanish. Here are some good examples of historic turns of this type; news papers (in the US) closures over the past 10 years have risen (due to the internet), commercial radio is just behind due to listenership declines compared to the last 30 years (reason, mp3, iPods, iphones), and satellite radio may follow. I have not listened to radio in my house for years, but I have a bunch of radios in the attic. My sons (in their 30’s) and their friends never listen to radio when traveling, if they need news or music there is a Smartphone in their pockets.

When my grandfather was born, automobiles and radio’s were available but horse drawn carriages were on the roads. He lived on a farm in deep East Texas most of his life, but saw a man walk on the moon on his color television. Modern technologies made both of these events possible at about the same rate.

Technology progresses at its own rate and humanity rides the wave precariously perched at the helm, unable to perceive the consequence of their inventions. No matter the type, mode, intended use, reason or need; technology is a double-edged sword that demands respect. However, without technology we would be digging in dirt with our hands and with technology, we use a shovel.

I prefer the shovel next to the dirty fingernails, just to assure you I’m not anti-tech. So, how does this influence the future of the Digital SLR? In one word ”Smartphone’s” will. They are changing the way we think of visual communication.

Smartphone’s will be the challenger for the average consumer. The iphone 4S has 8 megapixels and many digital features sought by photo enthusiast and the “class of 2016” that do not want to be unencumbered by complicated equipment. Of course, the hobbyist and professionals will choose the DSLR’s due to the advanced controls. Every time I buy a new camera, it has more and better features. It would be safe to say camera manufactures will be watching what features offered on mobile devices and include the smart ones in the next revision of their cameras. I do not see the DSLR going away any time soon.


~ by Jim Norwood on August 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “What’s the future of DSLR’s”

  1. My grandfather was 98 when he passed away, and I think about his life sometimes, in terms of the massive advances that happened in his lifetime. When he was a boy, his drove to town on Friday in a horse-drawn wagon to pick his father up for the weekend, and then drove him back again on Sunday. It was too far to do the trip every day, so his dad lived in town while he worked there during the week. Long before I came along – long before my dad came along – that trip had become a mere trifle by car.

    Grandpop witnessed the world changing in a drastic fashion, from horse-drawn carts to men in space. We traveled right outside of this world, and it could be seen in your very own living room. It’s quite amazing, really. Since his death, the world has once again simultaneously gotten larger and smaller. I can talk to you now, while sitting here in my home, and you could be anywhere in the world. The world is at once opened up to me, and drawn so tight that I can fit it on this screen. Amazing.

  2. I’m happy to put the occasional film through one of my film cameras – I like the photographic process, it’s creativity using chemicals to create photographs.
    I shoot many more pictures with my DSLR – these pictures I tend to think of as digital images – and to be honest, I see no limits to how we will create digital images in the future – nor on how they are used, brought together or mixed and matched with moving images.
    If we consider these different methods of creating imagery, it doesn’t matter what method is used, it still needs a person with some imagination/vision/message to create something that is memorable enough to lift it above the noise that the rest of us create.

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