Durango and Silverton Railroad

Silverton is located in the San Juan Mountains high country at 9,318 feet. If you were looking at a map, it would be in southwestern Colorado on US-550 North. Silverton is open year round and has 600 full time residents. Durango is south of Silverton about 48 miles. The Durango & Silverton Railroad links the Colorado towns by narrow gauge tracks.

Silverton and Durango have a rich old west history and the Durango-Silverton line share that history. The Durango-Silverton line started construction in the fall of 1881 and completed in July 1882 to haul freight (supplies, gold and silver ore) and passengers. The trip took weeks before the railroad began between the two towns, according to locals. Now the trip is just a few hours of scenic wonder.

The Durando and Silverton has been operating for over 130 years, using steam locomotives and rolling stock since the beginning. There is no doubt some of the terrain has change with the addition of modern roads and expansion of Silverton & Durango. Progress has not take a way for its wild beauty.

I have created this set of images to portray what photographer may have photographed in 1880’s though the early 1900’s. They may not portray its rugged and primitive conditions of 1880’s, but I hope you will enjoy them as presented. TechTalk: Nikon D300, ISO varied due to conditions, 18mm-70mm lens;images changes Photoshop – Antique light & Antique grayscale and some layers for a few images. ©2012 Jim Norwood


~ by Jim Norwood on August 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Durango and Silverton Railroad”

  1. Your images are excellent and I enjoyed your informative words. Ahh…I must add that your processing to antique looking sepia is great.

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