State Fair

It is almost time for the Oklahoma State Fair and I rarely miss it. The fair starts about mid September and is open for two weeks. I have always enjoyed going because of the opportunity to meet friends, walk for hours, try some rides and (of course) eat food that I shouldn’t. Some of the rides you could not pay me to get on, but I like the Ferris Wheel it is fun and not over in a minute. The B&W images were from one of the taller (portable) Ferris Wheels of its time and gave me a great view.
I found some shots from 1972 and 2007 and decided to post them. The film I used (in 1972) was Kodak Ektachrome, but has discolored over time. I decided to convert the color slides to B&W for that reason. The digital images are closer in color and sharper than the Ektachrome as well.TechTalk: Nikon D70, ISO 1600, 35mm lens, Film camera Minolta, 50mm 1.2. ©2012 Jim Norwood


~ by Jim Norwood on August 15, 2012.

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