70’s Rock Concert – The group “Head”

On location in a tent rock concert “Head” Performing

Multi-image-matt old school

Most of the photographers I knew in the 70s’ used black and white or slide film for concerts or events. The most commonly used B&W 35 mm films were Kodak Tri-X pan (general light conditions) and Ilford film (famous for their fine grain films). You could safely (pushed) or overdeveloped these films up to three stops. We use color slide film for the same reason, usually Kodak Ektachrome.

We never used color print film for low light (concert type) venues. The development process used preset times and over/under exposure would cause reciprocity failure. Print films today have higher ISOs’ to accommodate low light subjects and then you have digital cameras as well.

The above images are from a concert where the band “Head” was going to make large posters. I used Ektachrome to shot the event, because they wanted color. They found out afterward it was too expensive, so we convert everything to black and white. Sound simple, but is not when you need to do paste-up and re-shot the copy. To make a long story short, (old school way) the design, paste-up, art-brush (not digital) and reprocessing took about two days. Today it would take me about one, maybe two hours to complete and ship to the printer (color or B&W). Isn’t digital technology fantastic!


~ by Jim Norwood on July 26, 2012.

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