Geese in Flight

How often do you have birds, animals or other beast come to your back door? Not many for me at my door, because I live in an urban setting. However, there is forty acres and a pond behind my house.

I was testing a new Tamron 200mm-500mm lens and they just flew right into my field of vision and posed or paused for a second. Not a bad shot, exposure was correct and it was my first time.

I found my images were not as sharp as they were in the viewfinder (it seems sharp). I tested it on two other cameras with the same results. I did find that manual focus and Single-servo AF worked best. Aperture setting did not make much difference and shutter speed had to be above 1/1000 to prevent motion blur (on a tripod of course).

It is not a Nikon lens, and I had few expectations as for as performance. The Nikon lens cost over $7,800.00 (import) and was heavier (8.5 lbs) next to the Tamron at $1,000.00 and weighs about (2.7 lbs).
So, if anyone knows any tricks with this lens to make it sharper, I would like to know.


~ by Jim Norwood on July 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “Geese in Flight”

  1. did you take those pictures? great shots!!

  2. It’s durable and it ain’t gonna get sharper. I have one in the closet – forget what magnification, not a zoom – that’s over 40 years old. But, I don’t shoot film anymore and there ain’t a chance it will fit anything I use nowadays.

    I returned the last pocket camera I bought and swapped it for another Panasonic – because of the quality of the Zeiss lenses they use.

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