These are a few of my panoramas, they are not my 360’s. However, the process can be the similar. I’m working on a way to display some on (workpress). It will probably be a link that goes to TourBuzz is the site I use for real estate presentations in Spherical (360°) format. All of these pano’s were shot with different lens. The runners were shot with a 500mm at 300mm from about 300 ft and the forest is the rectilinear (flat) version of a 360 with a 18mm lens. None were shot with a fish eye (8mm-12mm) lens. ©2012 Jim Norwood. To see more images;


~ by Jim Norwood on June 26, 2012.

3 Responses to “Pano’s”

  1. If you look very closely, you can probably see our house in the Sandia shot! I never get tired of that view. It’s gorgeous.

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