Whisper sitting

Whisper’s silhouette

Whisper is my dad’s cat, will that’s what I call her. She always in the background and hardly makes a sound. The sitting shot should be exposed correctly, but something went wrong (meter failure or too high ISO). I had to Photoshop it to death. The silhouette turned out just as I expected it would and little was done.
I like photographing animals, all animals even the creepy ones. It is as challenging as photographing people. Also, the unexpected gives you new opportunities. Although with animals I’ve put myself in harm’s way on a few occasions.
Tech: Whisper_1 (no data), Whisper-0013 Nikon D70, 70mm lens, ISO 800 (really?), 1/60 sec @ f/4.5. ©2011 Jim Norwood. To see more images; http://jim-norwood.artistwebsites.com/


~ by Jim Norwood on June 18, 2012.

5 Responses to “Whisper”

  1. You say the metering went wrong. What metering were you using? Did you ‘bump’ the picture to give some detail to the cat? I’d guess that you used metering which took into account the light through the window. one or two stops + compensation could have sorted it – though the window would probably have been a white out. Fill flash or a reflector board might be the ideal solution, but in my experience they’re never to hand when we do a bit of spontaneous work!

    • What I think may have happened; I was doing family portraits and walked though the kitchen. There she was in the window. How it got set on ISO of 800 baffles me. I was shooting with a strobe/umbrella setup at 200 ISO. But any way I may have had it on shutter priority and did a quick meter reading or none at all. I just liked the pose! It’s a shame I missed the exposure on it. Thanks for your comment and ideas.

  2. The D70 handles fill flash pretty well. I don’t use the D70 much, now that I have a D300s. I think using the fill would bring out detail in the cat, not sure how much reflection on the glass I would get. Your correct you take chances went spontaneous. Thank again, – Jim

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