Shadow’s First digital portrait

Shadow thinks “When is the treat part?”

Did you say treat?

Yes, treat please, now!

Shadow is my (wife’s) dog. She is part beagle and part Jack Russell, the dog not my wife. Shadow was my first subject when I purchased my digital camera, Nikon D70. It’s been said “a dog is man’s best friend”. Cat lovers would challenge me, I’m sure. Shadow is the family favorite and is a great travel companion. Even when she acts like a 2-year-old child, she six. ©2011 Jim Norwood. To see more images;

~ by Jim Norwood on June 11, 2012.

5 Responses to “Shadow”

  1. Shadow is beautiful. I am a great lover of dogs but because I live in an apartment, I cannot have one of my own. I do appreciate when fellow bloggers, such as yourself, post pics of their doggies. Thanks for sharing these!

    • Thank you for commenting. Sorry to hear you can not have pet. Some landlords have problems with pets and don’t understand that there are good pet owners that will protect the property.

  2. Cute Lil Guy!

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