Art, Graffiti and Vandalism

Just to piggy-back on my last post (Beautiful Stand of Aspen) about carving on trees, I decided to go out and find some graffiti. Well it has disappeared, not really. I could not find the good stuff. It’s on the railroad cars that pass by as you wait.
I found three different types of free-spirited visual expression; Art, Graffiti, and Vandalism. The first example is early art, a petroglyph of a man in headdress carved in the rock (there are tens of thousands of them across America). The second is a wall painting and effective as art, but it is not quite the graffiti I like. I can not remember if it’s in New Orleans or Memphis (same trip). The third is my back fence and not a good example of stylized graffiti. It’s just plain vandalism!
So, if you disagree that’s okay. Art comes in many forms, styles and compositions and almost everyone has a different take on what looks good or not. I will find some great graffiti and publish it soon. No Tech this time.

Petroglyph Man in Head Dress

Rum Boogie Wall

Fence with a date


~ by Jim Norwood on June 1, 2012.

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