Street Photography

Street photography is controversial, but I am always on the lookout for that great shot. I was at a convention in Atlanta, GA and always carried my camera. I noticed a production crew working on the corner as was waiting to cross. This was the only shot, but I love it. Most of the crew is taking a break or catching up for the next take. I got that opportunity because my camera was already in my hand. Be prepared! See my art/photos at



~ by Jim Norwood on May 11, 2012.

13 Responses to “Street Photography”

  1. Hey Jim, B&W will always have a special place, I think you will agree

  2. My boss at the “big blog” has berated all the editors since Day 1 to always have a camera with you. So, I’ve gone through a few generations of pocket cameras with big zooms. Settled pretty much on Panasonic for straightforward software and Zeiss lenses.

  3. merci pour l’info !
    moi aussi j’aime les photos !

  4. Awesome picture, where was it taken which film studio/ set?

  5. I came across the same in Jamaica – a film shoot took over my beach – it was fun to watch them work. I took a bunch of photos – I guess it is more beach photography!! 🙂

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