Have a Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Rusti is my red healer and she a hand full. Spends her day chewing on toys and barking at… well anything. She just wanted to say have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and to let your dog have a few scraps of holiday food and maybe a Christmas treat this year.

Jim and Rusti

Winter In The Fog

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Early winter we had a front that brought fog for sever days. I had a chance a chance to visit two lakes/parks and was surprised at the opportunities that would unfold.

Lonely Bench

Thunderbird Fog
The Dock


Thunderbird Fog

Thunderbird Fog
Mirror in the mud

All by myself

Just Around The Bend

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Just Around The Bend

Fall in the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge. Still waters and grassy banks shaded by mature trees and a setting sun.


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Black & White back water of Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge

Weird Things I Find When Traveling

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Santa Fe NM Cat House



Often in my travels I find weird and sometime wonder subjects to photograph. These are but a few and come from different places; Albuquerque, NM, Arkansas and other places I don’t remember. It’s good to photography unusual subjects alive or not. It gives you more verity and exercises your imagination, at least gives you a different perspective of life.
Why do people sport funny hats, paint on the side of buildings or even dress a manikin in strange clothing? It doesn’t matter; you get to master the composition and tell the story.
Sorry, if this content is a little choppy. I’ve haven’t written in a while and I just wanted to post something, anything. Just to say Hi! I’m back. Jim

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Virtual Images 360

Shadow is my (wife’s) dog. She is part beagle and part Jack Russell, the dog not my wife. Shadow was my first subject when I purchased my digital camera, Nikon D70. It’s been said “a dog is man’s best friend”. Cat lovers would challenge me, I’m sure. Shadow is the family favorite and is a great travel companion. Even when she acts like a 2-year-old child, she six. ©2011 Jim Norwood. To see more images;  http://jim-norwood.artistwebsites.com/

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Changing the appearance of the subject

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Atlanta buildings_038v2 copy

Atlanta buildings_038

I was visiting Atlanta, Georgia a few years back on business. As I walked between two buildings, I felt as if something or someone was watching me. Just my imagination, it was a this silver looking shaft of light streaming from a skyscraper. I liked the big brother appearance building. The image was lacked the feeling of dominance that I felt the first time. I decided to color (paint) it in three tones; sepia, light sepia and platinum. I think it give the skyscraper a menacing mood.

Oh Deer

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Dear B&W-4284

Fall evening in Oklahoma 2012 Tech: Nikon D300s, f 5.6,1/125, ISO 800, 300 mm

Hot Air

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Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque, New Mexico 2010. Just a little hot air that is fun to watch.
TechTalk: Nikon 300s, exposures between f/4.5-f/32,Nikon 70-300mm, bright day (hazy).
Sorry for the absents, I was work on other projects. jim

Lite beer and high voltage

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Lite beer and high voltage without the filters

Lite beer and high voltage

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